Here are segments from Jerry Barrett’s excellent article on self defense for medical professionals like EMTs and paramedics using the techniques taught under the ISR Matrix program.

ISR stands for intercept, stabilise and resolve

In the longer article, Jerry defines the shortcomings of other self defense classes taught as a one time program for paramedics, EMTs, nurses, police officers, and the public at large.

Find out more about these programs both in Australia and abroad at  Read the article excerpts below for more information.


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Download the whole EMS Self Defense article with illustrative pictures here.

Who is Jerry Barrett?

Jerry has been a Paramedic for many years, working in conflict areas across the globe. He was an ‘arrest & restraint’ instructor in the British army a long time ago, but understands that as he gets older he must get smarter’ in avoiding violent situations. He currently practices Traditional Chinese Medicine whilst also working as an Occupational Health and Medical Response Coordinator for a remote mine site.