Ray Kemp knows first hand what the opioid crisis means to families and individuals across the U.S. Many EMS providers treat people with addiction with indifference at best. Ray’s new video documentary aimed at educating first responders about opioid addiction aims to change that. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it, right here on this week’s episode of the MedicCast.

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MedicCast Episode 508

Ray-Kemp-Opioid-Addiction-VideoGood day and welcome to this week’s episode of the MedicCast. I’m your host, Jamie Davis the Podmedic and I’d like to welcome you to this week’s show. In this episode, we have a special interview recorded this year at EMS World Expo on the topic of getting your advanced EMS degree. Joining me on the show is EMS filmmaker and educator, Ray Kemp from Triple Zilch Productions. Ray has created the most powerful educational tool to teach first responders about opioid addiction. His goal is to change our perspective on these marginalized patients we all see every day. Check it out coming up from our Physio-Control podcast studio this past October at EMS World Expo.

All of the segments this week were recorded thanks to the continuing support and sponsorship of the Physio-Control corporation and Aladtec.com with the additional support of EMS World Expo. Thank them for supporting your EMS podcasting community.

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