How do we manage victims of abuse and advocate for them in front of our peers? We’ll have abuse victim advocate Kim McCaffery on the show to share her thoughts and important lessons we can all share for these at-risk patients. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it, right here on this week’s episode of the MedicCast.

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MedicCast Episode 487

Good day and welcome to this week’s episode of the MedicCast. I’m your host, Jamie Davis the Podmedic and I’d like to welcome you to this week’s show. In this week’s special episode, I have a full episode segment on victim advocacy and human trafficking. Most of us really know very little about how to care for these fragile patients. We might have an idea of how to help with their physical injuries and problems, but what about the emotional scars and psychological problems that hide beneath the surface? That’s what we will delve into this episode so stay tuned.

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EMS Tip of the Week: Domestic Abuse Advocacy with Kim McCaffery

crying abused childMy guest today, Kimberly McCaffery, has served as Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator in the non-profit sector since 2011. Prior to accepting this role she held the position of Victim Advocate working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. She has trained members of the U.S. Military, law enforcement agencies, juvenile justice agencies, youth serving organizations and businesses about a variety of topics in victim advocacy.

The topics she presents include: Media Literacy & Rape Culture, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Human Sex Trafficking; Violence Prevention, and Victim Advocacy and Volunteer Training, among others. Throughout her career she has chaired county Coalitions for Violence Prevention and has served as a Director on the Board of the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, the city’s accredited Child Advocacy Center.

Kim is an old friend of mine and reached out to me recently to have her on the show to focus on this important topic. While we will just be scratching the surface, this episode will hopefully give you a starting point from which you can seek out other opportunities to follow up and educate yourself with local resources. Here’s my segment with Kim on abuse victim advocacy and human trafficking.

Tip Links – 

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

NSVRC’s Prevention for Medical Professionals

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Human Trafficking Resource Center


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