It’s been a tough year for some of our EMS colleagues this year. They are still getting put in situations where they have to lift patients without the help or tools they need. We can sometimes call for lifting assistance, but the wait for additional manpower can keep you from another emergency. So, we lift without help … and then we injure our backs.

This scene is repeated every day around the country here in the U.S. simply because no one uses the proper tools to help lift patients safely for both you the provider and the patient. Did you know that this type of injury is greatly reduced in other parts of the world like in the U.K.? That is because they have the tools to do the job like the Mangar Elk lift assist airbag system. With just one person, you can safely lift a fallen patient up to stretcher height or even back to a height from which then can stand on their own, if able.

Don’t believe me? Visit and watch the videos and read the educational materials there. This tool is the one item that will save your service more money in lost wages and workplace injury than anything else. I think it is the one tool that you should have on your ambulance to help you with every patient who you have to lift.

Check out for yourself or forward this to your supervisor or training officer and ask why you don’t have access to a tool like this to protect your back. Watch the video linked below and see how easy it is for yourself.

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