Next up in the EMS news this week is a look at an interesting piece of research that looks at youth violence and assault in the time surrounding another ER visit for assault or gunshot. Researchers published the results of a longitudinal study about their review of how often teens and young adults revisit the ER as a result of an assault following an initial assault caused visit.

Stopping Cycle of Retaliation

Youth-Gun-ViolenceWhat they propose is that this is a missed opportunity for a teaching moment for these at-risk youth because they are clearly getting caught up in a cycle of violence after that initial visit. When examined by researchers, youths who were readmitted said that they had experienced gun violence following that initial ER visit about 59% of the time.

This is compared to the control group who had not been to the ER previously. There was a 40% difference between the two groups showing that the violence group was much more likely to continue to be involved in violent acts.

EMS Integrated Into Healthcare System

Some of this follow-up violence is likely a retaliation for the initial spate of violence and if some intervention at the time of the initial assault can be made, it is hoped that later rounds of retaliatory violence. What does this mean for EMS crews in these embattled areas. Is there an opportunity here for EMS crews of paramedics and EMTs to work together with ER nurses and docs to help stop this cycle of violence?

Perhaps if the EMS crews are brought in to the team and included in the planning and education that would be needed to help the healthcare team know how to approach and talk with the teens and family members involved. This is basically behavioral therapy for these teens where the healthcare team can hopefully modify the future actions and though processes they have. We’ll see but you might want to check out the entire article linked here and the journal article over at the Journal Pediatrics. Maybe you can team up with your ER to help stop the killing.


Follow up on the links to this news item and all the other articles and resources in this week’s episode show notes – Flakka, Gravel, N-Bomb and Synthetic Drugs in MedicCast Episode 439.



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