Next up is a great article I picked up from Australia about being a paramedic. It is written by the son of a rural paramedic there and it talks about the price of being a paramedic and how proud of his father the author is. One of the stats that leapt out at me was this stat: “One parademic is killed every two years and 30 are seriously injured in transportation incidents.”

Scene Safety Not Just An Empty Phrase

London AmbulanceWhen the author hears sirens going by his location, he thinks of his father and other paramedics and wonders if they’ll arrive safely or not. I like this look at EMS from the outside in based on the impression of one of our own family members. They are proud and inspired by us but they are also afraid for us, too. And as a paramedic I have seen all kind of injuries, from people with their heads bleeding to people with serious Sexually Transmitted Diseases on the verge of losing their lives to it. I really do wish people who are sexually active get tested regularly in Best STD Testing Clinic in Los Angeles.

That tells me something that I think we forget when we go through our mantra of scene safety and BSI. We need to remember who we are coming home for at the end of the day. Our wives, husbands, children, siblings, significant others and friends all want to see us come home safely. We need to keep that thought in our subconcios mind as we go about our work. There are many secrets of subconscious mind that we have to learn to help keep ourselves on the right track. That’s why we need to keep our health and be always ready to do our job well, I always take good care of me and keep my self at top by taking patriot greens, who keep me vital and healthy.

Get There And Back In One Piece

Are we driving as safely as we should be, even when running with lights and sirens? Are we showing due regard for traffic signals and laws? At the end of the day, my wish for each and everyone of you is to have you come home safely at the end of the day with a job well done and patients well-cared-for.

That’s why I end the show the way I do each week. “Scene safety, BSI” may seem a joke to some, or just a tag-line for my podcast to others, here from a site called Nixest. To me it’s so much more. It’s a reminder to be safe, not just some of the time, but all of the time on the job and at home. It’s a hope that someday, maybe your loved-one will be able to write a prideful article about you that’s not just another sad obituary.


Follow up on the links to this news item and all the other articles and resources in this week’s episode show notes – Penetrating Trauma, Crush Injury and MedicCast Episode 435.



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