Kicking off the EMS news this week is a look at two studies mentioned over at about the use of social media in emergency medicine to promote best practices worldwide for medical blogs and podcasts. The studies examine the FOAMed movement. FOAMed stands for Free Open-Access Medical Education which is an online movement that purports to support free online access to research and medical best practices.

FOAMed Versus Paid Medical Information Access

Social Media wordsFOAMed is in direct opposition to the continued Journal-centered, pay-wall medical research access that is the norm for much of the research that is released in medicine. Blogs, podcasts and other social media forms circumvent this pay-only system by publishing the information freely to their audience and followers in order to get the news and research out to the end-users who apply the information to their patient care.

One of the studies in the article focused on how using social media to discuss newly released research actually improved the release of the information and spread the information much more quickly. The journal Annals of Emergency Medicine worked with the FOAMed site Academic Life in Emergency Medicine to examine the reach of social media for medical information.

Online Discussions and Tweetchats Valuable Tools

They found that when they hosted an online discussion using social media on using medical tests to diagnose pulmonary embolism (PE) they got an additional 1,000 page views in over 50 different countries within two weeks of the event. Certainly social media pushed this information out faster to the intended audience of medical professionals.

I see similar things at the various EMS conferences I attend with other EMS podcasters like Chris Montera from the EMS Garage. We see the information we interview about in our podcast studio shared and re-released over social media many times faster than we could achieve on our own. This type of movement is going to continue to spread.

You can follow FOAMed updates by following that hashtag #FOAMed and get the latest and greatest in free medical and health research delivered to you.


Follow up on the links to this news item and all the other articles and resources in this week’s episode show notes – Penetrating Trauma, Crush Injury and MedicCast Episode 435.



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