Finally, as we wrap up the news this week I’ll ask you, “Have you had your flu shot yet?” We are solidly in the midst of the flu season and a recent article I saw at says that they are predicting a hard flu season based on what they have seen so far.

Everyone Should Get the Flu Shot

Flu Shot Green Road Sign Over Clouds and Sky.It is now recommended that all adults and children receive their flu shots each year with very few exceptions. But still, few people actually get it done. There are many reasons why you and others are avoiding the flu shot often because of some of the typical myths out there.

I found this article over at that attempts to dispel some of those flu shot myths. First, can the flu vaccine give you the flu? The answer is no. The viruses in the flu shot are killed in production by the process. The most common side effect is mild soreness at the injection site that goes away after a few days.

Flu Shot Lasts Whole Flu Season

Another myth is that if you get the shot too early that it will wear off. This isn’t true, whenever you get the shot for that season, it will protect you for the entire season. There are some other concerns listed in the article having to do with pregnancy and flu shots, dealing having the flu before and the efficacy of the vaccine. All are addressed.

Check the article out for yourself. Get your flu shot and be prepared to talk with your patients about getting the shot, too. Encourage everyone in your community to get it. The more people that get the shot, the less people will get the flu and the fewer flu related EMS calls you’ll get. That’s reason enough isn’t it? Be a flu shot advocate and health care professional!

Follow up on the links to this news item and all the other articles and resources in this week’s episode show notes – Chat With EMS World Publisher Scott Cravens and Episode 416.



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