So next up is another story about an attack on an EMS provider. In Dickson County, Tennessee a paramedic was asked to come outside the station to render aid to two individuals requesting help. When he opened the door, the two men attacked him. They asked for help originally because one was allegedly having breathing problems.

EMS Policy Kept Attackers From Building

police-officer-paramedics-rescueDue to a policy that didn’t allow members of the public to enter the building, the paramedic asked the two men to meet him by the ambulance bay doors where he would look at them just outside the building in the parking lot. When the doors opened, the two men started throwing punches at the paramedic.

He defended himself, striking one of the men several times and knocking him to the ground. Luckily none of the punches thrown by the two men landed. The men then fled the scene and are still being tracked down by local police.

Paramedic Defends Himself

First off, kudos to this paramedic for successfully defending himself and his station. These two men were likely looking for narcotics or for a quick buck. I don’t know why they chose a paramedic if they were looking for cash. Everyone knows we don’t have any money.

The other side of this is to have all of us revisit scene safety. I’ve said this before but it bears saying again. Scene safety and situational awareness is not just something that happens at the beginning of a call when you arrive on scene. It extends from your time in the station, the scene, hospital, and your return to the station.

This situation and the way it played out points to a paramedic that was at least prepared for something shifty. He was luckily able to defend himself and run the attackers off. Keep your radar for danger going all the time and make sure you follow your departmental guidelines as this paramedic did. You won’t be sorry.

Follow up on the links to this news item and all the other articles and resources in this week’s episode show notes – Chat With EMS World Publisher Scott Cravens and Episode 416.



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