EP+R Logo-2MedicCast host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic is joined by Jason Thompson from Emergency Products and Research to talk about some of their new and innovative products for EMS providers and first responders. Jason starts off with the Jimmy TQ tourniquet which is simple to use and very compact so it can be included in almost any tactical pack or first aid kit.

Then Jason moves on to show off the new Mustang Traction Splint that is also built to be compact and lightweight so that it can be used in a variety of situations where space and carrying a lot of gear is a concern. It, too is easy to use and apply with instructions in the packaging to use it.

Finally, Jason brings the brand new Ambu-Stat EMS vehicle cleansing device that uses a fogging mist to completely clean the inside of an ambulance after it is in service. Perfect for high risk transports like an ebola patient, it is also good for everyday use, too. Stay tuned for more on this innovative device as we think it will be making waves in the near future.

Thanks to Emergency Products and Research (EPandR.com) for sponsoring this episode of the MedicCast TV podcast and to Physio-Control for sponsoring our podcast studio at EMS World Expo 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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