Finally, in this week’s news we have a cautionary tale about a fake 911 call and an EMS unit robbed upon arrival like some pizza delivery guy. In Detroit recently, thieves targeted an ambulance and crew responding to a fake EMS call. Paramedics were dispatched for a woman with chest pains and when they arrived, they began treating the patient as you and I would. The problem was that if was all a hoax.

Ambulance Looted While Crew On Scene

Paramedic in Ambulance Talking on RadioWhile they were attending to the woman, her companion began looting the ambulance of anything he could find that wasn’t tied down. They realized what was happening and began chasing the man looting the unit, who got away with one of their cell phones from the front seat of the vehicle.

Luckily police responded quickly and realized the woman was in cahoots with the man. They were able to later apprehend him and the two were in custody at the time of the is article. We should all keep this situation in mind while we are responding around our areas.

EMS Situational Awareness

I’ve talked about situational awareness plenty of times in the past here on the show when I’ve gone down the path of scene safety. Situational awareness was what led the providers in this story to realize something was up and to give chase when they realized they were being robbed. It could be the difference between getting robbed, or worse, and staying safe during an EMS response.

Take a look at this article and others like it here on the show in the past and keep it in mind the next time you’re on the unit. Remember to stay safe!

Follow up on the links to this news item and all the other articles and resources in this week’s episode show notes – One Pill Pediatric Overdoses and MedicCast Episode 408.


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