Finally, a look at how some of our rescue companions need rehab and attention, too. I found a great article over at that looks at technology that is helping USAR and other rescue trained dogs to stay healthy and safe in the midst of a response.

Rescue Dog Scene Safety

rescue newfoundland dog in front of white backgroundWe talk about scene safety and keeping ourselves healthy all the time here on the MedicCast and that extends to the others we work with, whether they have two feet or four. The challenge is that it is often hard to assess whether a dog is dealing with heat stress or exhaustion.

One company has released the new AceK9 which is installed in a handler’s vehicle and can monitor internal temperatures when the animal is inside, lowering windows if needed an notifying the handler of high heat conditions. Another technology can be surgically implanted in the dogs to allow real-time monitoring of the dog’s internal temperature and eventually other parameters, as well.

Two Leg Technology Monitoring Soon?

I love technology like this and I have to wonder if there won’t be a time in the near future where responders with two legs will have implanted health monitors that will alert others to changes in their health status in order to provide us an opportunity to react before the situation becomes critical.

Anyway, there is some great information about dealing with dogs and heat in the rest of this article at EMS World so make sure you follow the link in the show notes and read the rest of the article there, especially if you regularly work with rescue dogs in your service in some way.

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Followup on the links to this news item and all the other articles and resources in this week’s episode show notes – Liquid Nicotine Poisonings for EMS Providers and Episode 385.



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