MedicCast host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic is joined at EMS Today by Peter Dworsky, MPH, CBRM, NREMT-P, Corporate Director, and Scott Matin, MBA, NREMT-P, Vice President from MONOC (N.J.) Mobile Health Services. Dworsky and Matin conducted an original experiment and developed a powerful, educational video outlining the misconceptions and dangers of emergency siren use.

Jamie learns how they set up and conducted their unique experiment on ambulance siren use and also what changes were implemented in their EMS service following the outcome of the experiment. These types of experiments in emergency medical services will continue to challenge the preconceived notions we hold about age-old traditional operational procedures like how sirens and lights are perceived by others sharing the roads with us.

Scott and Peter later won an EMS 10 2015 Award for a video promoting hi-visibility wearables at roadside EMS scenes for safety.

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  2. […] has had on the department at MONOC EMS. Scott and Peter are winning their second EMS 10 Award. They previously won an award for research into how far siren sounds traveled while driving and the penetration into today’s soundproofed and sealed automobile […]

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