With so many systems moving to electronic health data collection and electronic patient care record (ePCR) tools, I thought it would be a good idea to bring in some expert advice on how to move in selecting and using an ePCR system. To do that, I asked Scott Streicher from SafetyPad.com to join me while we were both at EMS Today last month in Washington, DC.

Scott is the Chief Operating Officer at SafetyPad and his experience in helping EMS systems move to using ePCRs is a tremendous resource. We’ve had the folks from SafetyPad on the show in the past at other conferences, too, sharing their expertise.

Scott points out that the devices we can now use, like off-the-shelf Android tablets, make the transition to using an ePCR much more painless than you might think. A good software designer can utilize the built-in ease of use from these devices to make an intuitive patient care reporting system much like the paper or desktop computer systems you’re used to seeing.

Look for that ease of use when you are searching out an ePCR system if you’re part of the search committee or leadership team. Have some of your street providers try out the system and provide you feedback before you leap into a decision. Also, make sure the software designers are willing to work with you in a cost-effective manner to customize the system in some ways to meet your specific needs.

Thanks to the folks at SafetyPad.com for making Scott available for this interview segment on ePCRs. Make sure you visit them and say thanks for the input here on the MedicCast.

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