Victor Convertino from the U.S. Army research services in the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research. He has a background as a exercise physiologist and works on projects to find out more about how trauma and shock affect patient’s recovery and survival from injury. He is specifically working on managing patients with low blood pressure, hypotension, and low perfusion of tissues because of it.

The U.S. Army researchers like Victor are trying to give the U.S. Army medics the tools they need to keep the combat casualties alive until they can get to the higher echelon of care, the field hospital or beyond. Most casualties are lost on the battlefield before they get to the hospital facility so if we can identify tool and resources to use to limit and control hypotension and shock in the field, we can keep these patients alive until they get to the trauma center.

Victor and his team received an EMS 10 Innovator award for this groundbreaking research that will not only benefit the battlefield casualties but also the multi-system trauma patient in the civilian sector who might die before EMS can transport them to the trauma center otherwise.

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