Next up in the news is a different type of cautionary tale than the last item on testing. This has to do with remaining situationally aware while responding on duty and off. An off-duty paramedic in South Africa was stabbed recently on his way home from work when he encountered an individual lying in the road, apparently injured. You can probably see where this is headed.

Stopped to Help Man Lying In The Road

Violent criminal stabbing with stiletto switchblade knife. Motion blur.Ryno Strydom, the off-duty medic, stopped his car and approached the man in the road to render assistance when he was attacked in an apparent bid to carjack him. The assailant and two other thugs pulled knives and stabbed him repeatedly after they took his money, watch and cellphone, causing injury to the throat, chest, back and legs. As they left the scene after failing to get his car started, he got up and made it to his car.

Mr Strydom was able to drive to his EMS base where he collapsed. Colleagues rushed him to treat him and took him immediately to the hospital. Also mentioned in the article was the story of two paramedics held at gunpoint during a call a week before. This is not something we hear all the time here in the states but it does prove the point I constantly try to drive home that we all need to grow a certain level of situational awareness.

Learn Situational Awareness 24/7

Whether we’re working or not, wherever we go, we have to have an eye to what’s going on around us. I’m not saying that it will keep us from harm in every situation but it might lessen the danger at least a little. This guy did nothing wrong. He merely stopped to render aid as he’d been trained to do and had likely done a hundred times before.

In this instance, the situation was more dangerous than he expected. The same might happen to you so keep your eyes open and stay safe!


Followup on the links to this news item and all the other articles and resources in this week’s episode show notes – Maddog Medic on International EMS Practice and Episode 374.



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