It’s often the simplest things that make a difference in how patient care improves. Shaughn Maxwell from Snohomish County, Washington Fire District 1 saw that truth and took lessons learned in hospital operating rooms to prevent medical errors and brings them to the EMS field. Follow Shaughn on Twitter at @checklistmedic.

Shaughn was recognized at EMS Today 2014 as one of the EMS 10 innovator awardees for his EMS patient care checklists developed on the surgical checklist model. By using the checklist, the EMS provider can ensure that patient care is managed at a consistently high level. Now EMTs or paramedics will be able to use the simple checklists when caring for patients with STEMI, seizures, asthma and more.

Thanks to EMS Today, JEMS, Physio-Control and PennWell for sponsoring our podcast studio at EMS Today and allowing us to bring you the excellent segments like this one from this event.

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