NAEMT logoAt EMS Today this year in Washington, DC MedicCast host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic got the chance to sit down with many movers and shakers in the EMS field. The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians ( had Matt Zavadsky from Medstar Mobile Healthcare come on the MedicCast TV show to talk about the importance of supporting some of the current initiatives from the NAEMT.

One of the biggest initiatives currently before Congress from the NAEMT is the Field EMS Bill. The Field EMS Bill will provide a path out of the crossroads and toward the vision outlined by the IOM without adding to the federal deficit. The bill has several key parts including:

  • Recognize HHS as Primary Federal Agency for EMS and Trauma Care:  The bill would recognize HHS as the primary federal agency for EMS and Trauma Care, consolidate certain programs within HHS into an Office of EMS and Trauma, and require a long overdue federal strategy.
  • Enhance and Focus Federal Support Toward Quality, Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness: Establish essential programs to foster improvements in quality, innovation and preparedness, and strengthen accountability among states, EMS agencies and educational entities.
  • Improve Quality and Accountability: Enhance quality by promoting physician-led guidelines for medical oversight and direction, evaluate medical liability and reimbursement issues affecting medical direction, and enhance data collection and integration of patient medical information.
  • Test Innovative Delivery Models: Evaluate and test innovative models for access and delivery of field EMS, including alternative dispositions of patients not requiring transport to a hospital.
  • Enhance Research: Enhance research in Field EMS to further improve quality, outcomes and promote the adoption of cost-effective treatments in the field.
  • EMS Trust Fund: Establish an Emergency Medical Services Trust Fund to be funded by voluntary contributions made by taxpayers when filing their federal income tax forms for the purpose of funding the initiatives provided in this legislation.

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