I recently returned from Washington, D.C. and the EMS Today conference put on by JEMS and Pennwell Corporation. While there, I joined the other EMS podcasters from the ProMed Network to record some special segments from the Physio-Control podcast studio there.

EMS_Today_logoOne of the very special segments from EMS Today was an announcement by Physio-Control President and CEO Brian Webster on their acquisition of Sansio health software company. I got the chance to sit down with Brian and Sansio CEO Dale Pearson to talk about what the merger means for innovation and the future of medical hardware and software integration.

Sansio will bring their ePCR software and their connection to home health care to the table. Their engineers are already working on innovative applications and collaborations with the Physio-Control team. Brian Webster from Physio-Control said Sansio’s company culture and work ethic are a perfect fit for them.

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