Next up in the news is a look at the annual report card for the nation’s emergency care system including both the nation’s ERs and EMS services that the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) puts out each year at The report says that, as a whole, the situation for emergency care in the U.S. has worsened in the last year with patients continuing to have problems getting lifesaving care.

States Ranked In Order of ER Grades

First-Aid-KitThe overall grade of “D” is reflected in declining scores for Access to Care, Disaster Preparedness, Patient Safety and Quality of Care. The report also ranks states in order with grades for each of them. The top 5 states include, in order from the top, Washington, DC, Massachusetts, Maine, Nebraska, and Colorado.

The worst 5 states are Kentucky, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming at the bottom of the list. The five areas the states were ranked included Access to Emergency Care, Quality and Patient Safety, Medical Liability Environment, Public Health & Injury Prevention, and Disaster Preparedness.

I urge you to look at the report card and see where your state ranks on the list and let me know whether you agree with the ranking. I suspect we all have our opinions on the subject. Now this primarily reports on the ERs and patient access but EMS is reflected in there in part. I’m happy that Maryland is ranked number 10 overall although we have some issues with access to care and our medical liability environment. Where do you rank?


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode – Acetyl Fentanyl and Fentanyl Overdoses and Episode 370.



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