Finally in the news this week is a look at a recent CDC report on birth rates in the U.S. The most recent rates are in from 2012 and the numbers have dropped some from previous years.

Good News Includes Drop in Teen Pregnancy

Newborn BabyMost of the news is good news including a drop in teen pregnancies which I think we all are glad to see. However, one part of the report is something that we all in EMS should be paying attention to. More than 50,000 births are now happening outside of the hospital, most of them in the home.

While most of these are going to be uneventful and planned births with a home birthing professional present to manage it, the increased number of home births means that when complications occur, more EMS calls will be brought in to handle emergency births in the home. This means you are more likely as an EMT and paramedic to manage a birth in the field and that you should do two things.

EMS Providers Prepare for More Home Birth Calls

First, you should review your childbirth and neonatal care protocols frequently. Second, you should reach out to local home birth resources in your community and ask them to come in and do some education how they might handle an emergency situation and what they’d need from EMS on arrival. Most of these home births are attended by nurse midwives and these advance practice nurses are great source of information and education for you. Take advantage of them for your upcoming educational program.


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode – Croup and Epiglottitis in EMS Field and Episode 369.



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