I talk about community outreach all the time here on the show. There are prevention programs, CPR training programs, and other health related services we can all provide for our service areas. But there are also those things we can do that will make our jobs a little easier while providing a service at the same time. In North Adams, Massachusetts the ambulance service is reaching out to their communities with the help of two grants from local foundations.

Two Grants Help EMS Serve Community Better

North-Adams-ambulanceFirst, they received a grant to provide child car seat installation and safety assistance to families in the region, reaching out to those with young children. Second, the North Adams Ambulance Service will be distributing 4,000 “File of Life” cards to the senior citizens in the community. These cards will come in two sizes, one that can fold up and fit in a wallet, and another that will fit in a brightly colored folder magnet on the fridge.

The cards can be filled out to include pertinent medical history, medication information and emergency contacts for the residents in the home. Not only will the cards be distributed, there will also be assistance provided by local senior centers and visiting nurses to help fill the cards out which is a genius move, in my opinion.

This is a great example of not just providing the community additional services, but also giving them the assistance needed to utilize those services completely. And, when these cards are filled out completely and posted in a prominent location in the home, it makes our jobs easier and we can provide better and more focused care to the patients when we respond.

Look in to how you can find and utilize these types of programs in your communities and when you do, let me know about it here on the MedicCast so I can share it with the community here on the show.


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode – Molly, N-Bomb, Synthetic Drugs and Episode 365.



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