Doug Wildermuth and his team at E5 Support Services in New York are helping volunteer EMS systems integrate paid paramedic and EMT crews into their system without violating labor laws with their volunteers. It’s long been an issue for volunteer fire and EMS services to begin paying their members for shifts and still maintain their volunteer status. Doug and his company, E5 Support Services helps organizations get around that problem.

E-5-support-servicesDoug’s company hires the volunteers to work for him and he contracts back with the volunteer organizations to provide crews to them. E5 Support Services covers all the labor department requirements and also keeps crews trained and up to date with their certifications by providing ongoing support and training for the crews.

One of the ways they are able to integrate the crews into the volunteer schedule so seamlessly is by providing access to the EMS Manager scheduling software for the staff. gives them the best options for scheduling and staff management in one, easy to use cloud-based application. It’s accessible via any web browser or mobile device and provides tools for both staff and management to stay organized and up to date.

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