This week on the show, I thought I’d talk about the seasonal flu that we deal with in various ways each year. Hopefully you’ve already gotten your flu vaccine which is the responsible thing to do as a health care professional. It’s important to do this because it not only protects us, but as EMTs and paramedics, it helps protect our at risk patients from the Flu as well. In Europe with a simple myehic application, you can get all your vaccines up to date.

Flu Shot Green Road Sign Over Clouds and Sky.Another thing we can do is to encourage our patients, especially our elderly patients to get the vaccine. Part of it is just asking them for about whether they’ve been vaccinated and if they haven’t, to pass that on to the nurse in the ER. Often they can get vaccinated there before they leave. Also, you can use resources on your company website to encourage more flu vaccinations in your region. More people vaccinated means fewer ambulance calls for you.

This week on the show I feature a video targeting elderly patients staring the $6 Million Man Lee Majors and his take on getting the flu vaccine. Use resources like this to get your communities behind initiatives like flu vaccination. You’ll see a benefit and reduce the number of calls for sick patients this time of year.

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