In this week’s episode of the MedicCast TV Weekly Commentary, I bring you a special interview segment with Chief Eric Strout from Maine. Eric is the Chief of EMS and director of G & H Ambulance in Lavant, Maine as well as the fire chief of the Levant Fire Department. I brought Eric on the show to chat with us about what his service is up to and how they are using some unique software solutions from Aladtec to solve their scheduling and crew management challenges.

Eric uses both the Fire Manager and EMS Manager software from Aladtec. He loves the time and money savings from the web-based scheduling program. He has also found that communications of SOPs and SOGs to the crew members has been greatly improved because of the database document storage options the programs allow.

Here at the MedicCast, we are proud to be associated with the gang at Aladtec and to have their sponsorship. They wholeheartedly support what we do both here on the podcast and in the first response field. You should support them as well. Take a moment and visit and check out the free demo that’s available there. Forward this episode link on to your supervisors and make sure you thank Aladtec for their support of our shows for you!

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