BEARiatrics Stair Chair Attachment

BEARiatrics Stair Chair Attachment

In this episode of the MedicCast TV Weekly commentary, host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic brings you another segment from the finale episode at EMS World Expo 2013 in Las Vegas last month. Jamie and EMS Garage host Chris Montera were joined by BEARiatrics CEO Keith Ishida to show off his brand new bariatric stair chair attachment, the BEAR Stair Chair device for EMTs and paramedics.

BEAR stands for Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint and the device mounts to a standard stair chair to keep the abdominal mass center and non-shifting during transports, reducing risk for provider injury and improving patient safety and feelings of security. Once your patient is seated in the chair, it wraps around the abdominal mass in two directions. The lower part of the device comes up from the bottom and pulls upward embracing the thighs and hips of the patient. The top portion of the device feeds through the specially designed slide pockets and once adjusted properly, provides support to the otherwise uncontrollable abdominal mass.

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