While we are on the subject of community outreach and prevention efforts, how many people do you think you could teach CPR two in a single afternoon? The Las Vegas fire department in association with the American Heart Association trained over 1000 people in hands only CPR in one afternoon to kick off the use of the new PulsePoint mobile app and CPR availability system in their community.

Training Bystander CPR Responders

Students Practicing CPR LifesavingLas Vegas recently added the PulsePoint system to their dispatch program in an effort to get more bystander CPR trained individuals to cardiac arrest patients faster as well as providing them information on the location of the nearest AED. This was announced recently during EMS World Expo held there last month.

With the massive training program held to kick off the program, Las Vegas fire department and emergency officials hope to increase survival rates from out of hospital cardiac arrest. Currently only about 10% of out of hospital cardiac arrest patients survive to hospital discharge. With prompt bystander CPR and AED use, this number could be significantly higher.

Bystander CPR Saves Lives

We have seen this time and again in communities across the country with aggressive bystander CPR programs. What is keeping you from instituting a program like this in your community? I recently posted a video on the medic cast dot TV channel of a similar program in my community. Responders from my local fire department and ambulance service went to a local supermarket on a Saturday morning and trained dozens of people in hands only CPR while they were on their way to doing their weekly shopping.

There is nothing keeping you and your service from doing something similar being your community. Send me pictures of your mass CPR training events and I will share them with the MedicCast community, here on the MedicCast page and on our Facebook page. Send them in by email to podmedic@mac.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode – Top Docs Talk About Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Episode 354.


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