Starting off the news this week, I bring you a story from York, Pennsylvania. One of the challenges facing communities is many areas is hospitals scaling back ambulance and EMS provider services to surrounding communities. I brought you a similar article a few weeks ago where a Texas hospital was cutting back EMS provider and ambulance services.

Hospital Cuts Back EMS Provider Coverage

EMS with OxygenThe WellSpan owned facility at York Hospital will be cutting off service to surrounding communities in their area which includes several dedicated medic units in chase vehicles and EMS providers provided to surrounding ambulance companies to staff their units. There will likely be an impact felt immediately with the reduced ALS access. With fewer paramedics locally, ALS care will have to be called from a neighboring hospital’s coverage area farther away.

This kind of cutback will likely be happening in more areas and the corresponding EMS jobs lost as facilities and communities continue to cut back. One of two things will have to happen in the wake of these cutbacks. Either the communities in question will have to accept reduced ambulance and especially advanced life support coverage or they will have to find additional funding to restore coverage themselves.

In many cases, in the York, PA area, BLS coverage can be maintained by volunteer services, at least to some extent but ALS paramedic coverage will be in short supply unless the community finds a way to replace the missing providers. I continue to bring you stories like this one and hopefully ones that provide solutions to the staffing reductions we’re seeing around the country.


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode – Bob Sullivan, Evaluating EMS Systems and Episode 348.


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