Let’s continue that situational awareness track from the previous news item this week and talk about another story from Boston about an ambulance struck by gunfire during a response. It was a crazy situation that actually had nothing to do with the call they were on.

Shots Fired at Ambulance

a editable vector illustration of bullet holes grouped seperatelyWhile at a scene with another patient and Springfield, Massachusetts police officers, they were approached by man being chased by two others following a botched robbery. The two assailants chased and fired shots at the man causing everyone to take cover.

No one was hurt, luckily but bullets did strike the ambulance with the patient inside. While there’s nothing these EMS providers could have done to avoid this incident, it does show how you need to know your areas around your response district. You know what I mean.

Neighborhood Situational Awareness

What parts of your city or jurisdiction are high crime areas where you need to be more aware of your personal safety and that of your patients? Where does it make a good idea to load and get on the road rather than stay where you are for a bit and do some treatment in the back of the unit?

Situational awareness requires some planning and thought ahead of time. Make sure you consider these things while prepping for your next shift on the unit and be prepared to handle the most likely situations.


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode – EMS Career Possibilities and Episode 347.


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