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From the Maryland Resuscitation Academy


Last week we talked about the 10 keys to high performance CPR I picked up at the Maryland Resuscitation Academy. This week, I thought I would show you a sample of the video I shot of a high performance CPR Demonstration put on at the Resuscitation Academy by Howard County Fire Rescue Service EMS during the two day seminar.

Note during the video here how there is a dedicated timer/recorder in the back who is counting down to the next rhythm check and potential shock. See how they pre-charge the monitor in anticipation of a shock while CPR is going on. Note the team work and precision which they use to swap out compressors each 2 minutes.

In this situation, they are managing the airway with BLS procedures and they opted to go right to an intra-osseous line rather than look at other peripheral IV access. Every person in their place and listen . . . it’s the quietest cardiac arrest I’ve ever seen, even in a practice. Impressive.

Work to Achieve EMS Resuscitation Mastery

I urge you to check out the resuscitation academy if it is offered in your area. You will come away with your eyes wide open about survivability of cardiac arrest. You can achieve this level of expertise, too, you know. It’s not hard. You just have to practice as a team and make sure that everyone knows their job and place. This should be a monthly practice event in your system. Make teams work towards measurable goals and build some healthy competition between stations.

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