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From the Maryland Resuscitation Academy


For this episode I bring you some thoughts and lessons learned while attending the Maryland Resuscitation Academy earlier last month. First off, Kudos to the Howard County Maryland Fire Rescue Service for hosting this event here. Without their leadership and groundbreaking work to show the effectiveness of this program, we would never have been able to take this class usually seen only on the west coast in Seattle. One of the key features of the Resuscitation Academy program is their focus on “high performance CPR.” Here are the 10 key points of High Performance CPR as defined by the Seattle Fire Department.

  • Number 10: Coordination between EMTs and paramedics
  • Number 9: IV or or intra-osseous placement during ongoing CPR
  • Number 8: Intubation during CPR
  • Number 7: Hover hands over chest during shock and be ready to compress right away
  • Number 6: Rotate compressors every 2 minutes
  • Number 5: Ensure proper compression rate (100-120 per minute)
  • Number 4: Ensure full recoil/decompression
  • Number 3: Ensure proper depth of chest compression (at least 2 inches deep)
  • Number 2: Minimize interruptions in CPR at ALL times
  • and the number 1 key to high performance CPR: EMT’s OWN CPR!

I urge you to check out the resuscitation academy if it is offered in your area. You will come away with your eyes wide open about survivability of cardiac arrest.

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