Next up is a look at an obvious scene safety situation and how the EMS crew handled the problem. This comes from just down the road from me in Aberdeen, Maryland. EMS crews there responded to a sick person call in their area when they encountered a large group of people in the street outside the patient’s home, engaged in a massive brawl.

Dangerous EMS Situation in Quiet Community

BackofAmbulance_smWhat do you do? Probably you do exactly what they did. The EMS crew locked the doors of their ambulance and sheltered in place while the fight went on around them. They called in police assistance on their radio reporting that objects were being thrown and striking their ambulance and that they were unable to move because the crowd was surrounding their unit and the driver was afraid he would strike someone in the crowd.

Deputy sheriffs eventually arrived but the crowd had already dispersed on their own. The EMS crew was able to go in and take the woman who called them to the hospital. This story points out a all too common situation that EMS crews are encountering and how we should handle these sorts of situations.

Scene Safety Awareness All The Time

Aberdeen is usually pretty quiet place and this type of an incident involving and EMS unit is almost unheard of. That is why we all need to maintain vigilance and awareness surrounding scene safety. Problems can occur even in places that don’t usually have violent situations or encounters.

Make sure you and your crew are safe at all times when on a call from the time you leave the station until you are safely parked again at the end of the run to the hospital. Just like I say at the end of every episode – Scene Safety, BSI!


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode – Rural EMS Excellence and MedicCast Episode 334.


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