Solar Ambulance, cinnamon dangers, parents texting and we’ll continue with part 2 of our series on blast injuries. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it right here on this week’s episode of the MedicCast.

MedicCast Episode 333

Internet Health SearchGood day and welcome to this week’s episode of the MedicCast. I’m your host, Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and I’d like to welcome you to this week’s show. Coming up in this episode in the news is a look at parents modeling bad behavior while driving plus there’s part 2 of the in depth look at blast injuries in this week’s tip of the week. All of that is coming up next here on the MedicCast.

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Solar Ambulance Leads Green EMS

Starting off the news this week is a story from Richmond, Virginia area. You know how you can pick out the systems leading the way in EMS innovation? They are the ones that consistently show up in the news with new ideas and leadership trends. The Richmond Ambulance Authority is one of those systems.

Cinnamon Challenge Dangers to Teens

So you may have heard about the recently popular Cinnamon Challenge on the news recently. It’s become a way for some teens to dare their friends to do something stupid with what seems to be a harmless spice in the kitchen.

Parents Text and Phone in Car With Kids

Finally in the news this week, I revisit an issue that I looked at last month. If you remember, April was national distracted driving awareness month. I had a couple of articles and news items last month about texting and cellphone use while driving. This week parents texting and driving in front of their kids. Site


Tip of the Week: Dealing With Blast Injuries (part 2)

Saving an accident victimThis week on the show is part 2 of dealing with blast injuries. In light of all of the tragedies that happened in the previous couple of weeks including the Boston marathon bombing as well as the West, Texas explosion we all should be paying more attention to blast injuries and dealing with them. I’ve found some really good materials to share with you and some excellent links to additional resources that you can use to follow-up on the next two tip segments here at the MedicCast. Let’s get in to part 2 of the series on dealing with blast injuries.

Tip of the Week Links

CDC Blast Injury Facts – CDC Mass Casualties | Blast Injuries: Essential Facts

Bombings: Injury Patterns and Care

Response to Blast Injuries – Major Incidents – @

CDC Mass Casualty Event Preparedness and Response


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