Dangers of confronting racism in EMS, Texting 911, breathalyzer for heart disease, and we have another special segment from EMS Today 2013 with barefoot nurse Kelly Arashin. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it right here on this week’s episode of the MedicCast.

MedicCast Episode 329

Kelly Arashin, the Barefoot Nurse

Kelly Arashin, the Barefoot Nurse

Good day and welcome to this week’s episode of the MedicCast. I’m your host, Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and I’d like to welcome you to this week’s show. There is a great show this week kicking off with three EMS news items including a story on texting and 911 call centers and bringing new diagnostic technologies to you. After that, we’ve got Kelly Arashin, the Barefoot Nurse, joining us in our finale episode from EMS Today 2013. All of that coming up soon here on the MedicCast.

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Expose Racist EMT and Get Death Threats

Starting off this week’s news is a story about the reporters who exposed a New York Fire Department EMT who was posting racist and inflammatory statements on his social media accounts.

Dispatch Center in Maryland Takes Text Messages

Next up in the news this week, a story on the continued roll out of 911 centers and text messaging. The FCC has mandated that 911 centers and cell carriers must have texting interoperability by May 14, 2014. Luckily, some jurisdictions are moving along a little faster.

Breathalizer for Cardiac Patients

Finally in the news this week. What if you could test that CHF patient you have with a special breathalyzer that tests for heart disease, heart failure or even myocardial infarction? That could be coming soon to the back of an ambulance near you.


Tip of the Week: Critical Care Nurse Kelly Arashin on EMS Today

Let’s get in to this week’s tip segment with a special video segment recorded in the podcast studio at EMS Today 2013 in Washington, D.C. Here’s a segment we recorded as part of our finale segment with Barefoot Nurse blogger, Kelly Arashin, a critical care nurse specialist and acute care nurse practitioner who came on with myself and Chris Montera to chat with us about the conference and the amazing quality of the educational materials she found there.

Let’s get into that video segment in a second after a special thank you to EMS Today, JEMS.com, Pennwell and Physio-Control for making this possible by allowing our ProMed Podcast Studio to broadcast from the conference floor and record some of the exciting events and speakers there.

Tip of the Week Links

Kelly Arashin’s Barefoot Nurse Blog

Kelly Arashin on Twitter



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