In the next news item, we go from bad EMS news to absurd EMS news. Three boneheads in Texas stole an ambulance recently. Now I ask you, what do you do with a stolen ambulance? Go for a ride? Take a friend to the hospital? How about try to sell it to a junk yard for scrap metal?

Bad Ideas with Stolen Ambulance

Ambulance_lights_smYep, that’s what these three winners allegedly tried to do. They took the stolen ambulance and were caught when they tried to unload it for cash. Now this alone is an interesting story for the rest of us but what does it say for us on how we should be operating in our day to day practice?

EMS providers need to be careful with how they secure their rigs when they are on location, at the hospital and stopped for meals. Don’t just leave it running and think “Who would be dumb enough to steal an ambulance?” As this story points out, such people do exist.

EMS Job Security

We shouldn’t be surprised. We treat them for the injuries their other stellar decisions cause. They are the same people who think it’s a good idea to tie a tricycle to the back of a moving car and see how long they can ride it. They are the same people who think they can make their own fireworks.

They give us job security but they also represent that one thing that could get us fired if they steal our ambulance. Be careful folks and lock up your units when they’re parked. Secure your gear, your equipment and meds and let the idiots find other ways to interact with us when they screw up.


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode — A.J. Heightman, Jennifer Berry, JEMS and Episode 328.


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