We’ll kick off the news this week with a news item and link sent in from a MedicCast audience member about an EMT charged with trying to get prescription drugs with counterfeit prescriptions.

Story Corrections From MedicCast Viewer

EMSAmbo_smThe link came with some clarifications on the article where the local news got the story wrong. They named the suspect as a paramedic but our audience member reported that he was actually an EMTB. (A common problem and why we need some sort of standardization of naming in EMS so they know what to call all of us.) The suspect was also a Director of the local organization and was found to have drugs on his person according to police reports.

I don’t usually report on stories like this because the profession of the individual criminals in stories like this doesn’t really matter. But, it gets reported anyway because we are supposed to be rescuers, heroes, and looked up to. Every time one of us slips up, it makes it harder for the rest of us to maintain our standing in our communities.

EMS Providers Held to a Higher Standard

I think that we need to be held to a higher standard. We hold the public’s trust with their medical and personal information, their safety and medical treatment, and the safekeeping of their homes and property. When we violate that trust, there is understandable outrage.

I know in Maryland, there are regular reports on EMS providers charged with misconduct and crimes being separately disciplined by the state EMS authority. They receive everything from probation, to having to complete educational and rehab programs, to having their licenses revoked.

Raise the Bar or Get a New Job

We need to maintain a higher standard for ourselves. Some would argue that that isn’t fair but if you want different treatment then go get a job as a common laborer or in retail somewhere. Nobody reports when a Walmart employee does something wrong just because he works at Walmart.

Be a medical professional, or seek a more common career path people! Stop making the rest of us look bad.


Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode — A.J. Heightman, Jennifer Berry, JEMS and Episode 328.


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