Innovative Paramedic Consultant

In this episode of Innovations in Patient Care, sponsored by Physio-Control, host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic interviews London Ambulance Service paramedic consultant Mark Whitbread. Mark is the clinical leader of one of the top cardiac care health systems in the world. They have a system in place to improve not only STEMI care but also shows vast improvements in cardiac arrest resuscitation care from the first call to the emergency response network to patient discharge from the hospital.

Jamie talks with Mark about how their system is set up and how it innovates using the latest in cardiac care standards and expectations for health care professionalism. Check out more episode segments on Mark’s system in the Web TV series Code STEMI, found at

A special thank you to Physio-Control, Inc. for bringing Mark to the U.S. and setting up our interview with him at EMS Today 2013 in Washington D.C. earlier this month. Follow Physio-Control on their Facebook page for other innovations and links to other systems improving their patient care.


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