Finally in the news this week is an article on teen pregnancy and childbirth rates in different parts of the country. Does where you work mean you are more likely to have that emergency maternity call where a child is having a child? Apparently it does.

Preparing for Teen Births

Teen Pregnancy

Rural Teen Pregnancy

A recent study based on data from the Centers for Disease Control, the CDC, shows that rates for teen pregnancy and childbirth are higher in rural areas than in suburban and urban areas. It is one third higher than those other areas in fact. The good news is that the birth rates are down in all areas in the last 20 years but the rates fell much farther in city and suburban areas.

How does this affect EMS, because teen parents are also at greater risk for complicated pregnancy with less prenatal care, these patients are more likely to have pregnancy related emergencies. If you are in a rural area, you might want to spend more time reviewing emergency childbirth protocols and procedures than our urban EMS brothers and sisters. While you might not have the same call volume, you are more likely based on this study to see that teen pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Preparation is everything and information is power. Be ready for what you are most likely to see in your system.


Find the link for this and all the news items plus additional resource links in the show notes for this week’s episode of the¬†MedicCast —¬†Changing EMS Jobs and Episode 325.


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