Next up in this week’s news is an interesting cardiovascular disease and migraine study from the ongoing Women’s Health Study that collects data from over 28,000 women. Over a 15 year period, the women of the study were followed looking at correlated factors associated with cardiovascular disease and events.

Knowledge is Key to Prevention

12Lead_smAn interesting discovery was that women suffering Migraines with an aura were more likely to have heart attacks or stokes. This relationship showed up more than every other common cardiac disease risk factor but extreme high blood pressure. There were about 1,400 women in the study group who had Migraine Aura. Of these there were 1,030 heart attacks, strokes or deaths linked to cardiovascular causes.

What does this mean for us in the EMS field? Well, it might add another question to your history taking on a women with potential cardiac symptoms. You might also want to include some information about reducing other controllable risk factors associated with heart disease like smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol diet. Our patients deserve us to present them with some prevention options when given the opportunity and these migraines seem to at least be a symptomatic indicator of some sort of cardiovascular event and should be a wakeup call for patients having migraines with aura.


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