Finally, in the news this week, let’s take a look at the position of medical director. In many places its an unpaid or at the least, underpaid position that can be a thankless job when the public doesn’t understand what the position means.

What’s an EMS Medical Director Do?

girl binocularsI found an article this week in the Tyron Daily Bulletin from North Carolina where the community is having a discussion about changing the EMS leadership for the county and the arguments seem to surround the position of medical director for county EMS services. It’s a good article because it explains to that community in Tyron how their EMS system works. Included in the discussion is a listing of the duties of EMS medical director.

The EMS medical director’s duties are listed as follows:

  • Affirm the scope of practice at all levels of emergency services.
  • Oversee education content and scope, as well as quality for all providers within the system.
  • Assure the competence of all emergency response practitioners through ongoing evaluations.
  • Provide direction for online medical assistance for those in the field.

Get to Know Your Medical Director

Do you know what your medical director is responsible for? Check in to your state and local laws and protocols and see what they say about your medical director. This often thankless job is a very important background piece of the EMS system wherever you are. Take a moment to learn about what your medical director does.


Follow up on the link to this news item and all of the article and additional resource links in the show notes for this episode — Ulcerative Colitis for EMS and Episode 318.


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