Ambulance_lights_smKicking off the news this week is a column from on community education. Many of you who have been checking out the show for a while know I’m a big proponent of public education about EMS and how we operate.

This article is written for you and your service to borrow and use in your local paper. It provides some common sense advice to the public about sharing the road with emergency vehicles. It sets up a scenario and talks about what the law says and what is practical in most road situations when an ambulance or other emergency vehicle comes up behind a driver’s car.

Share This Article With Your Community

The author also deals with one of the most urgent safety concerns for emergency responders, handling traffic on roadside emergencies. I urge you to take a look at this article and consider submitting it to your local newspaper or use it as talking points with local TV or radio news for a story on their channels.

If you do, make sure you send me the link to the news item and I’ll put it out on my social media stream via twitter or Facebook.


Follow up on the link to this news item and all of the article and additional resource links in the show notes for this episode — Ulcerative Colitis for EMS and Episode 318.


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