First up in the news this week as an interesting article I found over at It’s really less of a news item and more of a how-to-link, but I found it interesting. and other sites out there post these kind of how-to informational links and articles all the time.

Create Realistic Training With Moulage

blister_moulageThis is a link on how to create blisters large blood filled blisters for use in assessing and managing patients with chemical, electrical or other burns and things like that. Perhaps somebody that you need to manage and assess accurately. One of the things that we don’t do enough of when we train is utilize resources like moulage and makeup. When we have that live practice patient we’re assessing it makes them seem more realistic to us.

This is one of those things that I would urge you to look into, especially if you like that kind of thing. Maybe you have a background in theater in your community or something like that. This is a great way to bring that to the training realm and help improve the way we prepare for actual emergencies. One of the things we can do is make our practice patients look more realistic so that were more prepared for when we see the real thing.

Find Other EMS Training Tips Online

This is a great article and I urge you to follow up on it there’s some really neat tips along this whole line that they have in there at and you can find all of that over there. Lots of different things they have called the “wound of the month.” It’s different moulage techniques on how to create the makeup that will help your patients appear more realistic. If you’re an educator, or you’re helping an educator with a training project.


Follow-up on the links for this news item and all the links for news and additional resources in the shownotes for this episode — Detergent Pod Poisoning and Episode 316.


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