Dr. Jeff Guy has been a guest on the MedicCast here in the past and has always been a hit (Burn Doc Interview and Episode 105). With his book “Pharmacology for the Prehospital Professional” he has brought an important tool for both EMS students and working EMTs and paramedics.

As other reviews have said:

“Dr. Guy offers his vast insight and knowledge on pharmacology to EMS providers on iTunes and now in paperback.” Bennie Baxter “dentalmedic

“It’s an intro to pharmacology for paramedics. Simple as that. This book covers as much as it can with good illustrations and text.” C. Schumal

If you are looking for a tool that not only helps your memorization of your EMS medications but also contributes to your overall understanding of pharmacology and complex interactions then this is the perfect book for you. It’s a tool I turn to not only as an educator but also as a paramedic. Check it out!

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