EMS Back Injury Solution

Back injuries related to difficult lifting of heavy patients is a huge problem for EMTs and paramedics in emergency medical services but perhaps not anymore. In another product innovator segment from EMS World Expo 2012 in New Orleans, our finale episode team brings Scott Kier (MedicSBK.com) to the table with his pick.

From the EZ-LIFT Rescue Systems website:

With a breakthrough patented design, the EZ LIFT Rescue Systems™ reinvents the traditional backboard to make lifting safer and reduce on-the-job back injuries.  This unique design uses extendable handles to allow firefighters and EMS personnel to lift from a safe position near, at, or above  the knees – as opposed to the conventional  lifting position from the floor to the gurney.

The EZ-LIFT backboard has extending lift handles that offer the provider in the field a way to increase the leverage they use while lifting from a much safer position. Check out the video segment from our team at Expo and thanks to Dave Robinson, President of EZ-LIFT Rescue Systems for joining us on our finale segment at Expo.


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    But it’s 2012, people are on the go, and they like to learn via online videos or podcasts.

    So we think your site is wonderful, and just wanted to stop by and say hello. Thank you very much for being so helpful to your readers, and we wish you nothing but continued success!

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