We’re back with more ProMed Network podcast studio product innovator picks from EMS World Expo. This time around, Chris Cebollero has food brought in from the gang at Meal Kit Supply. These aren’t your father’s MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), folks. Check out the video because these things are delicious.

From the Meal Kit Supply (MealKitSupply.com) website:

MREs are 3 course, shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals developed by the US Military for feeding soldiers in the field. They are the most technically advanced food in the world.

All the MRE Meal Kits are prepared and packaged by US Military contractors and contain the same menu items as found in US Military MREs. Each Meal Kit Supply MRE includes an entrée and side dish, bread or cracker and spread (jam or jelly), dessert, beverage mixes, condiments, and spoon. The average food energy is per kit is 1,345 calories.

This episode recorded in the Physio-Control sponsored Podcast Studio at EMS World Expo 2012 in New Orleans.


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