Good day and welcome to this episode of the MedicCast TV weekly commentary. I’m your host, Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and this week I have another special app review episode for you.

Most of you know your favorite EMS podcasters from the ProMed Network will be attending EMS World Expo later this month and recording live shows from our Podcast Studio. Hopefully we’ll see many of you there. I’ve talked in the past about the things you should have with you at the conference, business cards, a camera, a pen are all important tools to have with you. But now, EMS World Expo added another indispensable item to the list. The EMS World Expo App!

Specialized Conference App

EMS World developed it just for the conference.  It offers many time management, navigation and calendar organization features as well as a full schedule of events, speakers and vendors. It’s become my most important tool for the upcoming expo.

When you open the app, it updates with the latest event information. It then leads you to a very simple display that has icons for everything you might need. You can create a calendar of saved events, conference sessions and even add appointments of your own so you have the whole conference schedule in one place. When you are looking at the event or speaker listing, clicking on an event adds it to your calendar automatically. I have all my podcast recording times added so I can schedule meetings and still get the MedicCast recorded each day.

Streamline Your Conference Experience

Under Exhibitors is a listing of all the exhibitors and their location. There’s also a floor map of the conference hall which shows vendors you’ve starred or marked so you can get to them. Can’t figure out where you are on the map? There’s a locate me function where you type in a few letters of a booth near you and the map zooms to show you where you are in the exhibit hall. The map also allows you to select vendors based on category and then all the vendors in that category are highlighted on the map. That’s really handy!

There’s a lot more to this app including speaker listings, event schedule and even a map of local attractions. One of the best parts of the app from my standpoint is the twitter stream. You can follow the twitter stream live from the app and check out what’s hot and what’s not while you’re on the go all week long. The EMS World Expo 2012 app is Free and I would say it’s a must have for the conference at the end of this month. It will change the way you approach the show. When you get the app, make sure you find the Podcast Studio on the map and drop by and see us!

I’m Jamie Davis, the Podmedic. That’s the app review for this month. Stay tuned here at for all of the weekly commentary segments and from EMS World Expo, all of our coverage and interviews recorded from the show floor. Hope to see you there and please remember, Scene Safety, BSI.


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