The final story this week has to do with remembering the occurrences of 9/11 in 2001 this past week. There are several articles out there talking about different communities recognizing the sacrifice of the responders in that incident or in those various incidents, I should say. I remember the way the country responded to that tragic occurrence.

Recognizing Responders in Community

EMS HiVis StethoscopeThis article just talks a little bit about some of the religious aspects of that remembrance. In many areas, they have a “blue: mass or a “blue” church service of some sort. By blue they are referring to uniforms of responders. We’ve had things like that here in the past at local churches. It is a great way to recognize individuals in the community, especially volunteers and to bring them in front of the community for recognition.

This is a great article out of New Jersey talking about a specific time when they had this type of the service. I don’t know if it’s something that goes on in your community but I do think it’s a great way to appropriately remember what happened eleven years ago and to honor the people that are currently serving in your area.

Non Emergency Meetup

It’s also a great way to put your people, your individuals that are the first responders next to a private citizen in a situation that isn’t an emergency response. They get to associate in a public and social situation where they can chat and see we’re just regular folks and learn how they can support us better. These are all things that get done through putting together a service like this. I appreciate this particular opportunity to recognize first responders and I hope that your communities are doing something similar.


Finds the links to this news item and additional resources in the show notes page for this episode – The Numbers of Cardiology and Episode 300.


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