Next up we look at whether or not somebody should have to yield to an ambulance if they’re going faster than the ambulance is going on the highway. This may seem like an unusual problem, but if anyone is in an area with a major highway you may find that even if you’re running lights and sirens and going at a high rate of speed, there may be people on that major highway and interstate going even faster than you are. What are the rules in your area for that?

EMS Question to Local Newspaper

Ambulance and LightsA person wrote in with that question to the local newspaper. They received an answer back from the columnist that the law is not specific to this problem only stating that they are to yield to an immediate approach of an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights and audible siren. In some places, it’s required when an emergency vehicle is pulled over on the side of the road you must change lanes to clear an open space around them, but that’s not always the case.

A local police officer that they asked about the law in this article said that if you see emergency lights in your rearview mirror approaching, even if you feel like you’re going faster than they are, you should change lanes and get to the right because it’s hard to judge distances in rear view mirrors. You may not realize how quick the ambulance is moving and they might be right up on top of you before you know it.

Educate Your EMS Public

There’s a couple of good information pieces here for the public and this is, again, one of those articles I point out to you the say hey you might be able to use an article like this to reach out and educate your public and it’s not that hard to do an article like this. Reach out to a local reporter and point out the link to them and say we’d like to do something like this. Talk about emergency response in your community and maybe help educate your public about how you do that. You might be surprised that many reporters jump at the opportunity to have somebody help them write an article and come up with story ideas.

I can understand how journalists would feel when offered help with a story idea or article. Is something like this is going on in your community? Let me know about it. Send e-mails into and let me know how you are reaching out and educating your community.


Finds the links to this news item and additional resources in the show notes page for this episode – The Numbers of Cardiology and Episode 300.


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