The first item in the news this week looks at a local article. I found this from the Eastern Shore here of Maryland, in Queen Anne’s County. The county is talking with the town of Church Hill who wants to have their own paramedic stationed there in their fire department. They had a paramedic stationed there recently in a pilot program and they would like that made a full time position.

EMS Funding Difficulties

paramedic defibrillator

Paramedic & Defibrillator

Of course the funding for that is difficult. According to the country representatives it costs $250,000 a year or more to have one full-time paramedic there around the clock and that’s something that just isn’t in the County budget at this time. It just points out the difficulties of managing EMS care go beyond how we deal with the patient’s or what issues we run into on the street. There’s a whole system of EMS going on underneath the surface that those of us in the ambulances may not be aware of.

The problems of managing an EMS service and budget are huge. They include predicting call volume, overtime, and fuel costs. Those are things you need a crystal ball for! Ultimately the question they answer is “Are we going to be able to put ambulances on the street?” I think that’s important for us to be aware of. What’s going on in your region? What are you aware of as far as funding and cutbacks?

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Please send an e-mail and send a link to a news item in your area so I can check it out. Maybe it will be featured here on the show in a future episode. These types of things, these behind-the-scenes EMS articles are just as important as some of the articles that we cover here that have to do with this basic patient care and ambulance response.


Finds the links to this news item and additional resources in the show notes page for this episode – The Numbers of Cardiology and Episode 300.


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