This town wants a paramedic, yielding to ambulances, remembering 9/11 and we’re going to take a look at the numbers of cardiology. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it at the MedicCast.

MedicCast Episode 300

12 Lead ECGGood day and welcome to this week’s episode of the MedicCast. Your host Jamie Davis the Podmedic would like to welcome all of you to the program this week. We have a lot of great stories coming up for you later on including three good EMS news items to look at and then we’re going to follow that up with this week’s tip of the week.

The tip this week comes from an e-mail I got from a listener a while ago asking about an explanation on the importance of narrowing pulse pressure. It occurred to us that we need to go ahead and talk about all of the numbers that go into understanding cardiology: cardiac output, stroke volume, ejection fraction, mean arterial pressure. We will talk about that later on in the tip segment for this episode.

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When you’re over there you will find the link for the episode show notes toward the top of the page. Click that link and you can find all the episodes listed there. Scroll down and find the episode you’re looking for and follow-up on those links there. We cover things here in very broad detail and it’ll be your job to go and follow up on anything you hear here on the show and figure out exactly how to apply that based on your own scope of practice and your instructional and supervisory guidelines.

If you want to get back in touch with me any other questions, comments, suggestions or maybe we need to make a correction about something said on the show. In any case, send those e-mails into us here at We love to hear from each and everyone of you. We respond back to every e-mail received. We’ll have more contact information later on in this episode so you can check that out later at the end of the show.

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Town Wants Their Paramedic

The first item in the news this week looks at a local article. I found this article from the Eastern Shore here of Maryland, in Queen Anne’s County. The county is talking with the town of Church Hill who wants to have their own paramedic stationed there in their fire department. They had a paramedic stationed there recently in a pilot program and they would like that made a full time position.

Driving With The Ambulances

Next up we look at whether or not somebody should have to yield to an ambulance if they’re going faster than the ambulance is going on the highway. This may seem like an unusual problem, but if anyone is in an area with a major highway you may find that even if you’re running lights and sirens and going at a high rate of speed, there may be people on that major highway and interstate going even faster than you are. What are the rules in your area for that?

Blue Mass for Responders

The final story this week has to do with remembering the occurrences of 9/11 in 2001 this past week. There are several articles out there talking about different communities recognizing the sacrifice of the responders in that incident or in those various incidents, I should say. I remember the way the country responded to that tragic occurrence.


Going Inside the Numbers of Cardiology

This week’s tip of the week, as mentioned earlier, we are going to look at the numbers behind cardiology. Attempting to better understand everything we report on the vital signs. We’ll look at what exactly those numbers add up to for the patient and what some of the variations in reading cardiology numbers might mean in different patient treatment outcomes. Let’s go ahead and look at that, with the numbers of cardiology.

Cardiology Resource Links

Blood Pressure and Hypovolemic Patient

Vital Knowledge on Blood Pressure

Pulse Pressure on Wikipedia


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